Frequently Asked Questions

Are you bonded?

Yes! Rest easy… we are licensed, bonded, and insured.

Time – how long will it take to clean my home?

Usually a 2-Bedroom/2-Bathroom home will take an average of 3 hours. This is a very rough guess. Please contact me for a better estimate.

I’m home – is it okay if I’m home when you’re cleaning?

Of course it’s okay! We’re there for your convenience.

Security – how will you access my home if I’m working?

Usually clients provide keys and alarm codes (if applicable). The security of your home is very important therefore keys are kept secure and not marked with any identifying information.

Pets – are you pet friendly?

We love animals! Domestic pets are almost never a problem.

Payment – how can I pay for your fabulous services?

Usually clients leave payment in a pre-determined place (ie. kitchen table). Both cash and cheques are gladly accepted.

Moving and/or One Time Cleaning – is there an extra charge?

Yes. Because the work is more extensive, the cost for “moving out” and “one time” cleaning must be reflected in the price.

First-time Cleaning – is there an extra charge for first-time cleanings?

Usually. Similar to our competitors, we may charge more for a first time clean based on the condition of the property. “Not all cleaning services are created equal” — even if a cleaning company has previously maintained your property, they may not have met our high standards of cleaning. If the first time clean takes longer to degrease, sanitize and bring to a sparkling result, the rate will be reflected in this “extra” effort. Future cleaning will be provided at our standard rate.